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Raagin Karman’ translates to ‘Passion & Performance’ in Sanskrit (a historical Indo-Aryan language); and that describes the work culture at our studios. 

raagin karman (rk2) is a multidisciplinary studio, operated from Mumbai and Ahmedabad cities. 

The studio is fuelled by a team of young professionals who are expertise in varied subjects, providing innovative design solutions in the realm of Architecture, Planning and Designing.

rk2 was founded in 2011 by Kush Patel and Ruchita Jagzap.

The projects undertaken by rk2 are the outcome of its ever enthusiastic and highly ambitious spirit, working energetically to see the mutations of each innovative thought and its evolution.

rk2 sees its position as a responsible individual doing its own bit in developing the local environment and community by sharing ideas and knowledge with the contemporaries and senior professionals.

Our profile also recognizes the trust shown on us by our esteemed clients. They are extremely talented personalities and their contribution in understanding our designs and supporting our ideas has always given the projects a new level of experience.

Previous Contributors
Janki Patel, Interior Designer
Nikhil Salvi, Architect
Rasila Kerai, Architect
Drishti Korat, Architect
Jayesh Chhabaria, Architect
Niyati Bajpai, Interior Designer
Kalagi Patel, Architect
Chandan Singh Rao, Intern Architect
Aarti Mehta, Intern Architect
Parth Patel, Intern Architect
Khushbu Vishwakarma, Intern Architect
Tisha Patel, Intern Architect
Bhupesh Choudhary, Intern Architect
Pragya Singh, Architect
Pooja Prajapati, Architect
Jignasa Panchal, Sr. Assistant
Anand popat, Architect
Ronak Jain, Intern Architect
Jeegar variya, Architect
Saatvik daga, Intern Architect