Retail Space for Electronic Goods (Maninagar)

Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Typology Retail Spaces
Scope Interior Design
Year 2011
Client Krunal Software
Status Completed

This was their first showroom in Ahmedabad and the brief came to us 25 days before the showroom was opened, and to deal with such a considerably big area for a commercial retail proved to be a huge challenge!

We tried to simplify the problem by avoiding false-ceiling works, and instead painted the ceiling to give a more spacious feeling .This idea seems to have responded well since the height was less. 

The furniture has a simple geometry and clear lines to satisfy all the storages & displays.

Some drawings were drawn in the studio while most of the details were directly sketched and explained on site to the execution team due to the time restraint. Overall it was very tedious but a successful attempt and the client was more than happy with the final finishes. The showroom is now one of the prime retails in that locality, and has also come up with its second branch.

Retail Space for Electronic Goods (Maninagar)