Play Board

Typology Product Design
Scope Product Design
Year 2020
Status Completed

The ‘Play Wall’ is an outcome of the available space in the kid’s room. Keeping the space neutral in environment and at the same time giving the child his sense of belonging to the space, encouraged us to design this compact, wall hung, playful, ergonomically oriented unit that would inspire the little soul to use it effortlessly. It is Multi-activity, animated panel with involvement of 6 important activities that are essential in child’s growth- draw, read, pretend-play, write, make/ craft, think.

The light weight sliding panel allows the child to pull/ push and make choice between the chalk board and the white board. This panel also holds shelves for books, toys, clay dough, card game, stationery and three light-weight boxes that holds three different games. These boxes are detachable and can be carried along on the floor. This unit just takes 21% of the single wall space and is 9”in total thickness, occupying only 2% of the floor space making it compact and allowing vertical expansion as the child grows.

Play Board
Play Board