The Rug Story

Typology Product Design
Scope Product Design
Year 2020
Status Completed

 ‘Play is the highest form of Research’- Albert Einstein

When Play unit came to the wall, which shared an adjacent wall with a big window that opened into a tiny patch of green as a front yard as seen from the Living room sofa, it also asked for a Rug to sit on during the cold winters of Ahmedabad and to add a charm to the dedicated space, enhancing its spatial presence. 


The Rug is also many things:

- A mere thin sheet that houses colors which reflects the vibrancies of the bougainvillea seen from the window.

- It is such a piece of geometric composition that a child can relate to, and house it as his extended play platform.

- An art piece on the floor.

- Social platform for friends and family

- Sense of comfort and belonging for a floor friendly individual

- A surface of inclusiveness

- And finally, maybe an Aladdin’s flying carpet to a curious mind!

The Rug Story
The Rug Story