Electrical Vehicle with Macanov Wheels

Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Typology Product Design
Scope Product Design
Year 2010
Client Auto Power
Status Completed

This was an experimental exercise for the company- Auto Power in Mumbai, which aimed to manufacture and assemble the battery operated vehicles. We were involved in the designing of the base, form and application of appropriate material with a single exception being the use of mecanum wheel.

The Mecanum wheel is a design for a wheel which can move a vehicle in any direction. It is a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. These rollers typically each have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane of the wheel and also to a line through the centre of the roller parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel. The vision Auto Power was to see this design being used in factories and airport for smoother transition with the help of Omni-directional movement which would save time and space for movement along with reducing the hindrance that it becomes for the workers.

The vehicle was display in one of the exhibitions in Mumbai- ACE Tech, 2010. 

Electrical Vehicle with Macanov Wheels